Check Out Embroidery Cap Digitizing And Machine Operation Tips

Embroidery Digitizing Machine

Baseball cap embroidery presents unique challenges to many embroiderers. The panels in the cap digitizing are all cut differently, and the front panels are backed and constructed differently. This means that it is very much taken to be difficult to make a cap framing system that fits every possible cap product with the same result. For this challenge, we need to expand two skill sets which are the digitizing and machine operation.

Talk about Digitizing Tips for Cap Embroidery:

  • Fill up the Stitching:

  • This one stitching element exerts the greatest amount of linear pull on the fabric. One simple way to minimize this pull is to select somehow the cap digitizing stitch direction that runs parallel to the narrowest dimension of the fill. For example, if the fill area is a 1" x 4" rectangle, the narrowest dimension is the 1" dimension. Choose the fill stitching to run parallel to this dimension.
    When running a fill stitch over a front cap seam, do not at all run the stitch parallel to this seam. Choose a slight diagonal angle for the best results. The use of a light density, as well as crossed, diagonal underlay will also help to support the top stitches. Some shapes have to be sectioned by their nature. When this occurs, just make sure the fill rows progress in the same direction to minimize any puckering.
    To avoid registration problems, pay concentration on completely free-standing elements of a design with all colors before moving on to the next element. To avoid distortion to lines or arches of lettering, always do them as the last elements.
    Another trick is to build the elements of a design from the center of the design outward, alternating over the center seam. For example, if the design consisted of the numerals from 1 to 5, startby digitizing the numeral three first, then do the 4, then do the 2, then 5 and finally the numeral 1. Sequence 3, 4,2,1,5 would also work.

What is Machine Operation Tips for Cap digitizing Embroidery?

There are several things the machine operator can do to improve the run-ability of caps in terms of the embroidery. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Needle selection:

  • As a rule, finished baseball caps should only be run with sharp needles in a size 75/11. Needles with diameters less than 0.75mm (75/11) can easily bend under the tension of the thread. This bending hence can then lead to needle breakage.

  • Backing materials:

  • Finished baseball cap digitizing come with a variety of front panel backing options! Unstructured caps have no backing materials used to stiffen the front of the cap. The only additional set of the material used may be the Polyester tape used to finish the back of the center seam on the cap. Without proper backing to stabilize the fabric, the stitches will somehow pull and gather or pucker. Embroidery backing suppliers carry a special backing for caps. It comes pre-slit to a width of about 4" and can be bought in a roll or pre-cut to lengths of about 12". The composition of this backing includes more paper or cardboard content to stiffen the "hand" of the product. This composition is what provides structure to the cap front for the embroidery process.

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