Photo Digitizing

We understand “the key to a great print starts with the great artwork”, so we put a great emphasis on the art procedure. We have a very brilliant staff, with the help of them we can do just about anything with the art and photos. Our most of the valued customers have created their artwork already, but some things sometimes need to have quickly to go. We can make it or you as well.

Embroidery digitizing is every so often misunderstood, we digitized a file (the file which is a sewing pattern that machine can read). It helps the embroidery machine to understand where to get start from along with the type of embroidery stitch to use as well as color sequences. All the digitizing process takes usually 24 hours.

Several times our customer has an idea but he can do it personally, because embroidery is not something that can be handled by sitting on the chair and with the help of some clicks, a clear focus require in this procedure as well. He needs us to bring his idea to life. Normally what we do is to ask several questions about the photo we are going to digitize as well. For instance, we ask some generic questions like what colors you would like, what types of elements you would like to incorporate, fonts etc.

One of the most sentimental things we are able to do is to restore old photos which have been damaged by the time we are able to color black and white photos restore torn images and create a new looking image.

Services offered by 1dollar digitizing:

  • Logo Vectorization.
  • Logo Cleanup
  • Embroidery Digitizing
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Colorization
  • Logo Creation
  • Color Separation
  • Film Output
  • Wholesale Price Available For

Typically we keep a flat rate for artwork service with 24 hours turnaround time, but it’s all actually depends on the complexity of the design if required before the given turnaround time, the time will be 6 hours along with some extra charges. The price depends completely on the complexity and what is needed. Most jobs we do for our customers do not incur any additional or hidden charges.

Design your own T-shirt with personalized text and photos. The 1Dollar digitization offers you the easiest and most affordable custom T-shirt printing service possible in the United States. Whether you need one-off custom T-shirts or enough T-shirts to equip your entire team, we have the right shirts and services to meet your needs.