Vector Graphics for the Beginners of Embroidery Digitizing

Vector Graphics

By the emergence of vector clip art in digital technology, textile and fabric industries have also been incalculably influenced with this unique form of art. Every day, thousands of individuals associated with various artistic fields around the world are creating masses of vector related artwork in their respective domains. Living in UK for more than 40 years and being the utmost experienced embroidery digitizer here, I can noticeably evaluate that the accumulative popularity of vector clip art in UK has increasingly influenced the trade of embroidery digitizing as well. Therefore, it can be anticipated that vector art is the most recognized form of art for the apparel industries as well. However, considering the value of vector art, I thought of describing the absolute basics of vector art for the folks, who have comparatively less exposure to emerging digital art techniques. By providing the sheer basics, people would be able to attain a rapid understanding of what vector art

Significance of Vector Graphics

Vector clip art is a specific technique which is basically based on geometric shapes instead of pixels as in the case of raster based images. While resizing a vector image in embroidery digitizing, the artists can get larger images without losing its quality, therefore, provides the proficient outcomes in the form of high­quality, beautiful and precise designs. Moreover, in order to create a vector based graphic, one of the top renowned software “Adobe Illustrator” can be used. Hence, vector based graphics are increasingly gaining fame in abundance associated trades universally. Also, the vector based images are getting reliance in the field of embroidery digitizing so, maximum number of embroidery digitizers prefers vector clip art while digitizing the designs for their clients.

Why Choose Us?

1Dollar digitizing, being the most popular among the world top companies in the trade of embroidery digitizing, is a podium of highly skillful individuals who are trained enough to focus the emerging technologies as per modern standards for digitizing the vector clip art based designs to provide their best services to their affiliations. Every Vector Art image is composed of perfect, closed vector paths. None of the paths cross or intersect, and all paths are on the same, single layer. Vector Art will cut and weed perfectly in vinyl, can be easily color filled for large format printing and will provide spectacular results for routing and engraving. Perfect results first time... every time.It's guaranteed!
Vector clip art
Vector clip art
Vector clip art
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