What Type Of Embroidery Is Used For Making The Garments And Decoration Pieces?

Embroidery garments

What Type Of Embroidery Is Used For Making The Garments And Decoration Pieces?

We all love to have the embroidery designs on our clothes and other household items because it looks beautiful. Most of the people love to wear embroidery garments at festivals because they feel they will look incredibly amazing and it is true. The embroidery garments give a charm to the personality and enhance the look of anyone who wears it. There are a lot of embroidery designs used for making the garments and decoration pieces and we are going to discuss all of those types in detail. All of these designs are made using the thread, needles, and yarn.

Whitework Embroidery

We can call this whitework embroidery because, in this technique, the color of the thread is the same as the color of the foundation of the fabric. If you are going to use the white fabric then the color of the thread will be white, so we will call it white work. Same colors look very beautiful and you can use this technique for a number of purposes.

Candlewick Embroidery

It is also a type of whitework and we make the design using the unbleached cotton thread on the unbleached white muslin. It is mostly used for making the knots on different patterns.

Cross Stitch Embroidery

We can call it the composite stitch because it consists of two diagonal stitches. These stitches give the shape of an "X". It is used with count thread embroidery.

Pulled thread Embroidery

It's also used with count thread embroidery in the groups of the threads. The threads are grouped at the base of the garments to create the gaps, fillings, and borders etc.

Hedebo Embroidery

It was originated in Denmark in the 15th century and known as a type of white work.

Drawn Thread Embroidery

In this technique, the embroidery designs are used for creating the open and airy designs on the space of the fabric. The threads are removed from the base of the fabric after the design is completed. You can call it the thread pulled embroidery.

Hardanger Embroidery

It is called Hardanger because it was originated in Hardanger in Norway. This type of embroidery is used with the cross-stitch, cutwork, and satin stitch etc.

Crewel Embroidery

It is used for making the decoration surfaces of the decoration pieces that we use in our houses. It can be used for making the plants, animals, and any other living things on the fabric because it looks very fanciful and flowing. You can make these designs on any type of fabric type. The embroidery designers are using it for thousands of years.

Surface Embroidery

It is used with all type of stitches where the decorative stitches are used and the threads are laid down on the surface of the fabric. Basically, this stitch is made on the surface of the garments.
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