Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing has different stages to accomplish unique and beautiful embroidery designs. Embroidery digitizing or machine embroidery makes our lives super easy. Creating unique, personalized items for your customers, or giving gifts to anyone you desire can be done in no time. The digitization of embroidery is actually a work of art that you have done with modern technical support. You can make the embroidery design in the cheapest way. One of the key features of machine embroidery design is that it can be used on any type of fabric. High-quality digital work can be carried out by a professional digital engineer.

Digitizing is the process of converting an existing image file into a stitched document by the embroidery machine. Embroidery must be digitized before design. Digitization is a complicated process of science and art. The design is digitized whenever you see a shirt with embroidered sports company's logo. When you get tired of using someone else's embroidery design, pick up some digitizing embroidery software to get those creative ideas flowing. Use embroidery digitization software to develop your own patterns, images, and artwork and turn it into a realistic design that your embroidery machine can interpret. Before you buy, find out which products fall on the list of top ten embroidery digitizers.

The art of embroidery digitizing is not easy, it has a language of its own that takes time to learn, understand and appreciate, the better the software, the more the digitizer is able to do obviously, still, even the basic features can be a bit complex for a newer user. A skilled and apt digitizer is purposeful and efficient from the get go of the digitizing process. Not only are they mindful of the design and the dimensions to work within, they consider the type of fabric that specific design will be embroidered on and make necessary adjustments, such as compensating for the push and pull and laying proper and more (or less) stabilizing underlay.

At 1 Dollar digitizing we guarantee you following things for sure:

  • Your work and files will not be shared without your permission to anyone.
  • The standard turnaround time is 24 hours. We usually convert them in a matter of hours for urgent work or revisions.
  • We give our best for each order. If there is any adjustment, we will execute it immediately. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you will not be charged.
  • Our customer service representatives are trained and committed. And solve your queries by phone, email or chat.
  • Your order has passed the machine test. We provide the actual sewing image of your order. Sewing is done on the desired fabric
  • If you want to adjust the file yourself, we can provide you editable format. We provide a variety of punch formats, such as EMB, CND, and OFM and so on.
  • Each digitizer has a slightly different intensity and function. For our regular clients, we've assigned specific digitizers to their accounts so that their work is consistent
  • We provide the best service for every design. Each design is produced in a systematic and consistent way by our experienced digitizers. Then, the design went through a rigorous quality control process.

1Dollar Digitizing is a well-known reputed company in the industry. We have been serving for many years in the digitizing industry. With the help of brand machinery, skilled technical staff, screen printing experts, professional embroidery digitizers, advanced order management and proficient in quality assurance team we are equipped. We use the latest technology and the best materials to deliver the highest quality of service in the industry today.We understand the importance of having precisely designed embroidery patterns to meet the needs of our customers. This is why we are committed to high quality digitizing by our experienced team of professionals. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our team of experts provides the highest quality and our system allows easy ordering and management of design documents.