What Are The Things To Consider Before You Choose The Hoop For Your Embroidery Project?

Embroidery hoops

Embroidery hoops are the most important part for an embroidery project and without the use of hoop; it is not possible to get the high-quality results of your project. It is helpful during the stitching of the fabric because it can hold the fabric firmly. It is very important to know how to choose the right size and shape of the hoop for your project.

The size of the hoop

The embroidery hoops have two pieces, the first piece is known as outer edge and it has a spring that helps to tighten the hoop according to your desire. The inner piece holds the fabric. The round hoop is most commonly used and it has different sizes. The most common size of the round hoop is 3 to 12cm. You can choose the size of the hoop according to your project size. The hoop should fit the size of the fabric nicely, so you can make the designs on the fabric with more ease. It is better for you to not excessively tight the hoop because after removing the hoop it will not look good on the fabric. You should choose the hoop that is easy to handle. You can hold the small piece of fabric in the hoop easily to make the designs on it first, and then you can pick another part to make designs on that part. It is very easy to remove the hoop.

The Material of the hoop

There are two types of Materials for the hoop which is plastic and the wooden hoop. The wooden hoop has a smooth inner edge and it takes more padding to fix it. It is better to buy the hoop that has a good quality because quality matters the most while you are working with the hoop. Plastic hoop has a groove on the inner edge. The inner edge locks the outer edge. It has a screw to hold the outer edge tightly. It is better to use for the hand projects. Metal hoops are also found in the market but it is not good for the projects.

The Shape of the hoop

The most common hoop is the round shape hoop and you can find it in the local market very easily. There are many other shapes of the hoops such as the square hoop, oval hoop, and you can choose the shape according to your project's nature. You can find the other types of frames for your project.

Difference between Embroidery hoop and quilting hoop

The quilting hoop is larger in the size than the Embroidery hoop . It is better to use if you are working on the thicker fabric. The shape can be any but the most common shape is square hoop which is made of PVC. It has outer clips that can hold the fabric from all sides.1 Dollar Digitizing company has all types and shapes of the hoops and you can get their services for embroidery projects. Their services are available 24/7 with full support.

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