How To Clean Embroidery Digitizing Patches Easily?

Hand embroidery needles are used for making the embroidery designs on garments, handbags, and decoration pieces etc. There are multiple types of needles and all are used for different types of projects. It is important to choose the right type of needle according to the nature of your project. Hand embroidery needles are sharp and have a thin but extended hole in which we insert the thread for doing our embroidery work on the fabric. The needles are used for crewel work and for working on the surface of the fabric with the help of embroidery thread. Needles are the most basic and important tools because without having the right needle for our project we cannot work properly

Types of needles for an embroidery project

The needle is dependent on the type of your embroidery project. If you are new to embroidery it is possible that you are unaware of the types of needles but if you make a lot of embroidery designs then mostly there are three types of embroidery needles.

Crewel needles

There are many specifications of these needles such as these needles have a slightly long eye and a sharp tip. These needles are used for surface embroidery work, crewel work, white work, and it is best to use for any project that requires sharp needles for making embroidery designs. The sharp tip helps you to make tightly woven fabric. The long eye is helpful for inserting different sizes of threads for the embroidery work. The most used sizes of crewel needles are from 1 to 12. The crewel needle 1 is the largest and 12 is the finest crewel needle. If you are new to use this needle then it is better for you to pick the pack in which you will get all the sizes of the crewel needles. The packs have needles from size 3 to 9 or 1 to 5. You can use only one pack or you can choose both according to your needs.

Tapestry Needles

It has a long eye and a blunt tip. It has many sizes from 13 to 28, in which size 13 is the largest and size 28 is the finest. It is used for making the needlework, cross stitch, and black work etc. It is best to use for those fabrics that have open holes. The tip prevents the fabric piercing during our stitching.

Chenille Needles

It has a long eye with a sharp tip. The sizes of Chenille Needles are from 12 to 28 and size 28 is new in the market but best to use with the finest thread. If the size of this needle is large, it has a thick shaft. It is best to use for surface and crewel embroidery. You can use it with wool thread because of the sharp tip and long shaft. Our company 1 Dollar Digitizing can provide you with all types of needlework according to your requirements. We offer all type of embroidery services at an affordable price 24/7 with quick turnaround.

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