How You Can Perform Screen Printing Perfectly

How You Can Perform Screen Printing Perfectly

Screen printing is vital for the process of color separation. You can create this process successfully without any fancy software and additional training and relatively simple. For creating a clear, accurate, and best quality printing you need to follow the process again and again.

Tips To Perform Screen Printing Perfectly:

By understanding the various types of color separation you can perform it successfully.

  • o Start with Best Artwork: It is necessary to start with the best artwork in the process of screen printing. The machine provides the surface to the substrate for this process. The design is exposed to the emulsion screen under bright light. The lights will hard it so the coated area remains in liquid form. After the exposure of the screen, the not covered areas become hard. When the screen becomes dry you can be corrected and your stencil will ready for use.
    o Know The Type Of Printing: Before starting the process, you need to select the type of this process. Ink is required for this process but it should match the substrate. If you are using professional equipment you can create multicolor designs. Even it is a very complex process but it does not mean that there is a color limitation. Although in this method you can use more colors as compared to digital printing.
    o Select Color:For making the process successful, it is essential to select the color first. It is helpful for the flow of ink and the removal of excess ink. One of the main reasons to use this process is that it will produce vivid colors even on dark fabrics. The paint or ink lies in different layers on any surface of a paper or fabric and it will give your print a tactile quality. This method is very popular because you can reproduce your design again and again. You can use the same stencils for the replication of a design and it will create the multiple duplicates of the same accessories and garments. It makes this technique very efficient to create large sets of clothing for work uniforms or sports teams.
    o Extract The Colors: Then separate the colors from each other. It is a basic structure in screen printing that has a frame with a mesh. This mesh is covered or coated with photosensitive materials. To create the printed designs a process of ink pressing is being used through the stenciled screen and it is called screen printing. It is a very popular technique and using it in different industries. So, you have never heard about this process before today means that you have used or worn the screen printed items without realizing their importance. This term is also known as silk printing or serigraphy due to the basic method. It is a very effective technique to create bold artwork, posters, or canvases but this process is also useful for the printing of textiles and fabrics. This method is great for creating custom products and clothing.
    o Address Problems: There are so many problems in the process of screen printing so you need to address all these problems. Everyone knows about this process. It is a smelly, dirty, old fashioned and unreliable craft used for designing and printing simple posters and tee shirts. It is a method of transfer stenciled designs on flat surfaces by using a squeegee, ink, and mesh screen. Paper and fabric are the most common surface but if you are using specialized inks you can print them on glass, plastic, metal, and even wood. Different techniques include in this process like you should use vinyl or masking tape for covering the required areas. You can paint the stencil on the mesh by using screen blockers like lacquer or glue. You can use the light-sensitive liquid to create the stencils.

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